The IOF Council, at its digital meeting July 31st, decided that the scheduled organisation of the European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) in Hungary, 24-26 October 2020, could proceed. As part of the decision about EYOC, Council approved the organisers proposal to include competition classes for junior athletes (Men up to 20 years old and Women up to 20) and to declare these the European Junior Orienteering Championships (EJOC) 2020.

More information will be available here till 8th August 2020.
Main information
Hungarian Orienteering Federation
Salgótarjáni Dornyay SE
Balassagyarmati Balassi Bálint KSE
Nógrád County
City of Salgótarján
Event Director Tibor Sramkó
Technical Director Gábor Kovács
Event Secretary Róbert Goldmann
IOF Event Adviser Jan Fiala (CZE)
National Controller Máté Bereczki
Friday, 23rd October 2020 – Monday, 26th October 2020

The European Youth Orienteering Championships 2020 will be held in Salgótarján.

Salgótarján is the capital of Nógrád County, in Northern Hungary. It’s located at the foot of the Karancs mountain, in the Cserhát hills, 250 meters above sea level, 120 km north-east from Budapest, and 10 km south of the border with Slovakia. Salgótarján is surrounded by beautiful forests and hills topped with castle ruins. The town already existed in the Middle Ages, but information on it is scarce possibly because it was a small settlement. The word salgó means “shining” in Old Hungarian, while Tarján was the name of one of the Hungarian tribes conquering the area.

Real development came in the mid-19th century, when a coal mine was opened nearby. The job opportunities provided by the mine and the developing industry began to attract people. The village grew quickly and was granted town status in 1922. Today visitors can see the remains of the mining industry by visiting the Mine Museum. In 1950, Salgótarján became the capital of Nógrád county. In the next twenty years several villages were annexed to the growing city. The coal mines closed years ago. The population is around 34.000 today
Salgótarján Sportcentrum, 3100 Salgótarján, Losonci út
Accreditation of the teams and team officials’ meetings will be held in the Event Centre.
Nearest international airports to Salgótarján:
110 km from Budapest, Hungary
180 km from Košice, Slovakia
230 km from Debrecen, Hungary
290 km from Bratislava, Slovakia
320 km from Kraków, Poland
370 km from Wien, Austria
At the end of October in the northern part of Hungary it is moderately cold, with the maximal temperature sometimes up to over 20°C and the minimum is usually around 0°C. In an average October there are 7 rainy days, with an average monthly rainfall amount of 37 mm in Salgótarján. Snowfall is rare.
23rd October
Team arrivals, accreditation, model event, technical model event
24th October
Long Distance (first start planned: 10:00)
Opening Ceremony, Friendship Party
25th October
(first start planned: 14:00)
26th October
Relay (first start planned: 09:00)
Closing Ceremony
The Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events (version valid from 1st January 2020) shall be applied to participation in the European Youth Orienteering Championships 2020, with special attention to Appendix 8.

Competitors representing member Federations of the IOF, defined by the International Olympic Committee as belonging to the European continent, can compete in EYOC. Competitors representing other member Federations of the IOF can participate in EYOC but will not be eligible for European titles, medals or diplomas.
W16 women born 2004 or later
W18 women born 2002 or later
M16 men born 2004 or later
M18 men born 2002 or later
Each country may enter a maximum number of 4 competitors in each class and one relay team/class. All participants must be full passport holding citizens of the country they are representing.
Maximum number of officials per team is not limited.
Medium to big hillsides and valleys between 250-480 m asl with a lot of point features (stones, pits, etc.). Some areas with intricate land forms. Some rocky areas in small parts of the terrain. Beech and oak forest, some open areas. Some dense areas with thickets. Runnability and visibilty varies between very good and moderate. Medium density of roads and paths. Typical objects of old mining may occur.
Hilly urban terrain between 250-330 m asl: mainly built up urban areas and parks. Hillsides with varying steepness and terraces. Excellent runnability and visibilty. Dense network of roads and paths. Artificial stone walls between the blocks of flats.
Medium hillsides and valleys between 380-500 m asl with a lot of point features (mainly mining objects). Some areas with intricate land forms. Beech and pine forest, mostly with good runnability and visibilty. Some open areas and some dense areas with thickets. Dense network of roads and paths.
Long: scale 1:10 000, e=5m, according to ISOM2017-2 – new map
Sprint: scale 1:4 000, e=2.5m, according to ISSprOM 2019 – new map
Relay: scale 1:10 000, e=5m, according to ISOM2017-2 – new map
Mapmakers: Nándor Vancsik, Zoltán Dénes
Class Approx. winning time Approx. length
W16 35-40 min 5,0 km
W18 40-45 min 6,0 km
M16 40-45 min 6,0 km
M18 45-50 min 7,0 km
Class Approx. winning time Approx. length
W16 10-12 min 2,0 km
W18 10-12 min 2,3 km
M16 10-12 min 2,8 km
M18 10-12 min 3,0 km
Class Approx. winning time Approx. length
W16 75 min 3,0-3,2 km
W18 90 min 4,3-4,5 km
M16 90 min 4,3-4,5 km
M18 105 min 5,0-5,2 km
SportIdent Air+ punching system will be used in all races. The organiser will provide AIR+ SI cards on request – please indicate upon entering.
Hire costs 10 €/card for the whole EYOC.
GPS-tracking will be used for chosen athletes / teams at the discretion of the Organising Committee
Preliminary entry deadline:
25th August 2020. Preliminary entry includes countries’ estimated number of competitors in each class and total number of team officials.
Payment deadline:
11th Septermber 2020. After the preliminary entry deadline, all entered Federations will receive an invoice.
Information about payment will be further described in Bulletin 2.
Team names deadline:
13th October 2020.
Payment surcharge:
According to IOF Competition Rule 7.4.
26th August to 13th October: surcharge 20% on new entries and withdrawals receive an 80% refund.
14th October to 20th October: surcharge of 50% on new entries, withdrawals receive a 50% refund. Name changes in this period cost 10 €.

All entries should be submitted through IOF Eventor.
Entries will open on 10th June 2020.
A 210 €/participant (competitor or team official) in accommodation A
B 180 €/participant (competitor or team official) in accommodation B
C 150 €/participant (competitor or team official) in accommodation C
A 1-4 bed hotel rooms with own bathroom (250 places available – first come, first served)
B 4-8 bed hostel rooms with shared bathrooms
C hard floor in gym with own sleeping equipment and shared bathrooms
Entry fee includes:
  • Start fee for all three EYOC competitions
  • Model events
  • Accommodation between 23rd-26th October (3 nights)
  • Full board from dinner on 23rd October until lunch on 26th October
  • Friendship party
Entry fee DOES NOT include:
  • Cost of local transport
  • Hiring of SI Air+ cards
If a team wants to stay in an accommodation not provided by the organiser (and outside the embargoed areas), they must order and pay for the entry package ”C”.
Teams are recommended to use their own transport throughout the competition, including getting to the quarantines. The event will be very compact with short driving distances – every venue and accommodation will be within 25 minutes. Organisers provide transportation during the official programme of EYOC on request. For costs and details, please contact after 1st August 2020.
Please check the following link with a list of citizens of countries, who need visa to enter Hungary:
The embargoed areas for Sprintindicated with orange colour – are permitted for access for competitors, team officials and other persons but may not be used for orienteering trainings or routechoice testing. It is prohibited to stay there with a map, to orienteer (reconnoitre) through the embargoed area or to test route choices running or walking. No organised orienteering of any kind may take place in these embargoed area until after EYOC 2020. New regulations (full embargo) will be in effect on the competition day, described in detail in Bulletin 3.

The embargoed areas for the Long Distance and the Relay competitionsindicated with red colour: Competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter these embargoed areas.

Green line through the embargoed area:
It is allowed to cross the forbidden area using this road.
Training camps:
The organisers will organise two official training camps with a fixed programme in the following periods:
1st training camp: 13th-16th November 2019
download invitation in PDF format
1st stage results 1st stage split results
2nd stage results 2nd stage split results
3rd stage results 3rd stage split results
4th stage results 4th stage split results
5th stage results 5th stage split results
6th stage results 6th stage split results
2nd training camp: 26th-28th August 2020
The 2nd training camp will be held in case of appropriate circumstances and the sufficient number of participants. More details will be published until 1st August 2020. The programme of the 2nd training camp will be completed the 2-days TIPO Cup on 29th and 30th August (30km from Salgótarján) on partly relevant terrain.

SPORTident punching and timing and big control flags will be used. The organisers also offers accommodation and meals. Further information will be available here.

Trainings and training camps organised individually must be announced at least two months in advance beacuse the organiser must obtain permissions from the authorities. Please contact
It is not possible to organise any traning camps in the forest during September, because of the local hunting season. There are a lot of different training maps and terrains within 50 km of the Event Centre in Salgótarján – see the embargoed and training areas Google Maps link at the start of this section.
Prices for individual training maps:
Laser printed maps: 4 €/piece
OCAD file: 150 €/map/team for 2019-2020
You can order setting SI controls and timekeeping. It costs 100-200 €/training regarding the number of participants. You can ask for help in organising accommodation and boarding. Please contact
In case of appropriate circumstances and sufficient number of participants, a public event (Multinavigátor Salgó Cup) will be organised on the weekend of EYOC2020 with two middle distance competitions during the weekend. All information about the public event will be published at the EYOC 2020 website until 1st August and more information will be available in Bulletin 2.
The Event Organiser will not bear any responsibility related to the cost of medical services for the participants. Each Federation is responsible for the health insurance of all their delegates.
Bulletin 2 will be published until 31st August 2020
Bulletin 3 will be published on 22nd October 2020